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Top 5 Perfumes That Changed The World

The art of perfume has been ruling the world since the times of Ancient Egypt. Needless to say that the iconic inventions of enchanting fragrances throughout the decades have immensely impacted several generations. The use of perfume has also evolved, Starting from religious purposes to Romance and so on. Presently, wearing perfume has taken a vital role in our lifestyle.

Throughout the centuries, various scents have been ruling the olfactory world. Once, it might have been the era of the delicate florals, then spicy tobacco or musky oriental scents. People have been exploring and embracing numerous trends of the perfume world across the ages. Let’s have a peek at the top five fragrances that changed the world.

Chanel No 5 Eau De Parfum

Chanel No 5 Eau de Parfum by Chanel.

A feminine and sophisticated fragrance. Introduced in 1987. The enchanting floral accords of this fragrance make this an icon of the perfume industry. The birth of this fragrance revolutionized the way women smell. An aldehyde bomb that intrigues one’s senses while making them intoxicated. A perfume like nothing else. Exceptionally adorned by intoxicating florals. Perhaps, Chanel, No 5 was a phenomenon in the perfume world.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium 

An elegant complex scent that is also being called a seductive magic potion. Introduced in 1997. The complexity of the notes of this fragrance is what makes it stand out. The individual notes of this fragrance harmonize exceptionally to unfurl a deep aroma. The opening holds incense and resins with a hint of old orange. Then it gradually moves into spices, woods, clover, and cinnamon. A compliment receiver. A pure obsession.

Thierry Mugler’s Angel

A Scent of Romance and seduction. Launched in 1992. An incredible style that describes a woman well. The unique star-shaped attractive bottle also contributes to the success of this fragrance. The dominant fruity accord adorns the fragrance with a feminine vibe. 

Lady Million Paco Rabanne 

1 Million is one of the most popular and top fragrances in the perfume industry. Introduced in 2010. A perfume to empower and appreciate women. The beautiful white florals of this fragrance evoke delicacy, sophistication, and class. After the white florals are unraveled, the honey, amber, & orange blossoms jump out to outline the feminine ensemble in the best way.

Burberry Brit for Men Burberry

A Classic Fragrance with a Modern Twist. Introduced in 2004. Unfurls a pleasing floral scent yet not overly feminine. Unique and perfect for a gentleman. Holds a perfect combination of notes that embodies Romance, Seduction, and elegance. The spicy rose opening is what makes this a compliment receiver. A Nostalgic fragrance. Comforting yet captivating.

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