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Nishane Hacivat Extrait De Parfum – 100 Ml

  • Nishane Extrait De parfum is an earthy sweet fragrance
  • Top notes are pineapple , grapefruit and bergamot
  • Middle notes are cedar , patchouli and jasmine
  • Base notes are oakmoss and woody notes

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HACIVAT is a popular perfume by NISHANE for men . Nishane has got the main inspiration from the traditional shadow play which is also known as shadow puppetry , it carries strong culture of ancient. Nishane is turkey’s first fragrance company came up with extracts . Also Extrait , Extrait de perfum has the highest concentration of fragrance compounds therefore will likely last the longest and have the strongest projection . Nishane is a fruity woody with some nice floral heart notes . It’s an easy reach to and enjoyable fragrance.
And the grapefruit note is overwhelming. It’s very juicy pineapple with bergamot .Havicat is more round and sweet . That’s the simplest way to describe that NISHANE is a very pleasant fragrance. it’s such a balanced fragrance that everyone will fallen in love with this amazing aroma . At the beginning a friut bomb of top notes and then joins the woody !
Durability and sillage to a high degree is far more better thing which makes more attraction .


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