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Pineapple Vintage Intense Eau De Parfum – 100Ml

  • Top notes are pineapple , apple and birch .
  • Middle notes are pineapple, apple , bergamot, cassis , rose and jasmine .
  • Base notes are Birch , ambergris , musk , patchouli and vanilla .

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Pineapple Vintage Intense Eau De Parfum is a chypre fruity fragrance for women and men .
It created by isolating key ingredients and increased the concentration of the original composition. They  have used isolation of key ingredients to give high impact notes , also has a high level of concentration to maximize projection and longevity . The opening hits the wearer’s nose with a fruity batch full of pineapple and apple notes , which sticks around for many hours . Then a smoky scent follows you to last around for however long you let it stay. totally a perfect fruity blast fragrance .


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