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Yves saint laurent Kouros Eau De Toilette – 100Ml

  • Yves saint Laurent is an aromatic earthy and powdery fragrance for men
  • Tops notes are aldehydes, coriander, clary sage , artemisia and bergamot
  • Middle notes are patchouli, carnation , vetiver , cinnamon , geranium, jasmine and Orris root
  • Base notes are civet , honey , leather , musk , oakmoss , amber , tonka bean and vanilla

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Yves saint laurent kouros Eau De toilette is very masculine! Actually the most masculine fragrance with a great combination of notes . This is slightly colder , more aromatic and with super great , timeless fragrance. A secret hot summer night date will go much more better with Yves saint laurent kouros Eau De toilette . Warm air mixed with a strong , mystical and seductive smell . With strong silage and longevity, kouros will stay for a complete day . And also this is definitely a day perfume for spring autumn period which suits for men who loves the aesthetic vibe .
Bright yet mesmerizing . For a matured man it will be an amazing , well build scent which will make him more manliest .
Over all a gorgeous fragrance for men !


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