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Nishane Wulong Cha-Extrait De Parfum – 100 Ml

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  • Wulong Cha by Nishane is an aromatic green fragrance for women and men .
  • Top notes are bergamot, orange, mandarin orange and litchi
  • Middle notes are tea and nutmeg
  • Base notes are fig and musk


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Wulong Cha by Nishane smells so much like a tea which is strong , citrus blast to start out the day .
And then it mellows to where the citrus is still perfect there . Also it has a bit of bitter edge with a tiny bit of sweetness with that touch of fig .
The tea part is most subtle and sweet .

This is probably the most unisex scent which smells so good . There’s nothing noticeably feminine or masculine about this , both should be able to rock this confidently .
It’s like a lot of unisex fragrances tend to lean feminine but this is not one of them .
Long lasting , damn impressive and it should certainly go well through spring and summer .




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